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Now at Avalon: Native American made Flutes from New Mexico..


Avalon goes Southwest – Taos Pueblo, more images in NEWS…

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slider-MAIN-OPCSpecial event, October 31st: Through The Looking Glass

The Orlando Pagan Collective & Avalon will be presenting: Samhain Ritual & Hallowe’en Celebration. Follow Alice through the Mists of the Looking Glass to the Wonders of Avalon! Enjoy a Samhain ritual, food, live music, trick-or-treating, costume contest, psychic readers, and raffle. Tickets now on Sale at Avalon $10, $13 at the Door – check back here for more updates as they become available!

Behind The  8  Ball – Lunar and Solar Eclipses of October, 2014…New article in The Grail. This October of 2014 is highlighted by two eclipses, with an erratic celestial symphony to be conducted by retrograde Mercury as it spins in between the eclipses. October’s orchestra will be outrageous, odd, off -beat, obliterating, overwhelming, observing outburstsRead more in the Grail

Crystal Magick – next class is on Sunday November 9th, $22 per class session.

The final class in this series, taught by Adeline Rivera. Learn to communicate with the other side. Discover how to talk to those who have passed over. Each class will focus on a different purpose of crystals. Learn how to use Crystals to heal, ground, energize and inspire! Find out which stones work well together; create a crystal gid; sacred Geometry. The dates are all on Sundays, 4pm-7pm:

Nov 9th – Family

Lunar Science infographics…New article in The Grail. Here are some fascinating factoids and infographics on the science behind our Moon, for those who may be interested…
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