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Candle Majick & Creative Visualization – Manifest your Innermost Desires!

Three weekly sessions, starts Tuesday, May 19th. Taught by Janell Johnson, this class takes a practical approach at how A combination of Candle Majick / Creative Visualization has the ability to help you manifest some of your innermost deep desires in life.
-What is candle Majick (mythology, history) What is fire gazing?
-What is creative visualization (How it can help to enrich your everyday life /manifest your desires)
-Students receive a new candle each class
-Candle dressing why and how it works
-Meditation/ Fire gazing
– Snacks provided
-Affirmations..spells & mantras ! How they can assist you

Crystal Magick taught by Adeline Rivera. New class begins on Wednesday, April 22nd, 7-9 pm.

Learn how to use Crystals to heal, ground, energize and insipre! Find out which stones work well together; create a crystal grid; sacred Geometry.
April 22nd – Wealth & Prosperity

April 29th – Relationships

May 6th – Protection

May 13th – Health

May 20th – Family

May 27th – Purification

June 3rd – The Chakras

Year of the Sheep, Chinese Astrology – Year 4713 – a new article in The Grail, by Dikki-Jo Mullen.