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Personal Numerology – Saturday, June 27th, $25 – a class not to be missed!

Taught by Adrienne Bremer.

Learn what your planetary day is and explore the numerological meaning of your birth date and name. Become more aware of the tendencies and patterns in your life and live more consciously to become the person you were meant to be.

This Class covers how numerology works, your life path number, what motivates you in life, emotional insights, the impressions you give others, the way you express yourself and the power you can achieve in maturity by learning your karmic lessons.

Bring paper and pencil.

Rev Adrienne Bremer has studied in the UK with Eamonn Downey at Arthur Findley College for both healing and mediumship. Her areas of study include: Intuitive Medical Training, Astrology, Metaphysics, Intuitive Counseling, Dream Analysis and Energy Work.

Reiki 3 Master Class Saturday, June 20th, $400.

Taught by Lisa Toney.

The level Three Attunement again increases the Ki energy and enables you to pass the attunements to others while enhancing your own ability to facilitate healing energy. The attunement involves spiritual level energy and achieves spiritual healing in the receiver.

The teachings discuss the methods of passing attunements, includes two more symbols and more esoteric information on the symbols. This degree is recommended only for the serious facilitator of healing energy, especially for those who wish to teach Reiki and make Reiki a major part of their lives. Opportunity for practice giving attunements on classmates is available. Please allow up to 7 hrs for these teachings. Class materials provided by the instructor include notes on information provided in class to be added to the binder received in Reiki Level One.

Spiritual Herbalism – Divination. Sunday, June 28th, 4-6pm.

Taught by Dawn Gates.

In this series we will be learning how to use herbs for magic and spiritual expansion. Each class focuses on herbs in a different category. History, folklore, practical application.
January 25th: PROSPERITY: use herbs to increase cash flow, create financial opportunities and enhance abundance in your life. Practical exercise – incense making.

LAST CLASS OF THIS SERIES: DIVINATION – Improve your divination and intuitive skills with herbs. Practical exercise: Divination Tea.

Year of the Sheep, Chinese Astrology – Year 4713 – a new article in The Grail, by Dikki-Jo Mullen.

Candle Majick & Creative Visualization – Manifest your Innermost Desires! Next class on Tuesday June 23rd

Taught by Janell Johnson.

This class takes a practical approach at how A combination of Candle Majick / Creative Visualization has the ability to help you manifest some of your innermost deep desires in life.
-What is candle Majick (mythology, history) What is fire gazing?
-What is creative visualization (How it can help to enrich your everyday life /manifest your desires)
-Students receive a new candle each class
-Candle dressing why and how it works
-Meditation/ Fire gazing
– Snacks provided
-Affirmations..spells & mantras ! How they can assist you