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New classes coming up…
Reiki 3, with Lisa Toney, Sunday December 21st 12-6pm
Introduction to Buddhism, taught By Janell Johnson. 3 week course starting Wednesday January 7th
Mediumship and Psychic Development, with Suzan Rudulph, starting Monday January 12th 7-9pm
Patterns of Disease in the Face, Skins, Ears and Pulse, starting Sunday, January 18.
Magical Herbalism, with Dawn Gates. Begins January 25th. 4-6pm.
If you have an interest in any of our classes, please check the class calendar, and contact us with any questions you may have. You can often sign up for ongoing classes even if they are already under way.

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Reiki 3 with Lisa Toney, Sunday December 21st 12-6pm.

The level Three Attunement again increases the Ki energy and enables you to pass the attunements to others while enhancing your own ability to facilitate healing energy. The attunement involves spiritual level energy and achieves spiritual healing in the receiver.

The teachings discuss the methods of passing attunements, includes two more symbols and more esoteric information on the symbols. This degree is recommended only for the serious facilitator of healing energy, especially for those who wish to teach Reiki and make Reiki a major part of their lives. Opportunity for practice giving attunements on classmates is available. Please allow up to 7 hrs for these teachings. Class materials provided by the instructor include notes on information provided in class to be added to the binder received in Reiki Level One. The class fee is $400.00

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Introduction to Buddhism Taught By Janell Johnson, starting January 7th.

Introduction to Buddhism is an accessible three class program that seeks to illuminate any and all beings about the sacred practice of the “Eightfold path” of Buddhism. This course encourages one to use the characteristics of empathy, compassion, meditation and altruistic living to endure your karmic life gracefully. By implementing the strategies that will be taught in this class our hope is that you gain a greater understanding/knowledge of what it truly means to follow the middle path of Buddhism:

Class 1 (January 7th):
What is Buddhism?
Who was Siddhartha?
What is the Eightfold path?
How does meditation benefit us and others around us?
Dharma talk: the Buddha in all of us

Mediumship and Psychic Development with Suzan Rudulph, new class starting January 12th.

Learn to communicate with the other side. Discover how to talk to those who have passed over. This is a class that has exercises and practice to show you how, and help you to develop or, expand on these abilities. This is a 6 week course.