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note to all: yes we know this website is a little out of date. Currently traveling in England and updates will be coming very soon now…

Crystal Magick taught by Adeline Rivera. New class begins on Wednesday, April 22nd, 7-9 pm.

Learn how to use Crystals to heal, ground, energize and insipre! Find out which stones work well together; create a crystal grid; sacred Geometry.
April 22nd – Wealth & Prosperity

April 29th – Relationships

May 6th – Protection

May 13th – Health

May 20th – Family

May 27th – Purification

June 3rd – The Chakras

Year of the Sheep, Chinese Astrology – Year 4713 – a new article in The Grail, by Dikki-Jo Mullen.

Your Dreams and What they Mean! on Sunday, May 17th, 4-6 pm.

It has been proven that we all dream 5-7 dreams a night. Join Adrienne Bremer for a fun class to help you learn about the dream world and understand the symbols and signs of the dream language. Your dreams are like a little story; they are diamonds in the dark, treasures given you by the dream maker that you don’t see during the day. Dreams offer insight into your daily life, inspirations for new ideas, comfort, warnings, healing and help to move you forward. more info in Classes.