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Reiki 2 – Taught by Lisa Toney

Saturday September 12th 12-5pm $165.

Reiki Level One Teaching and Attunement:

The Level Two attunement accomplishes the ability to move beyond the physical body. It opens psychic abilities and develops psychic growth. The Level Two Attunement increases the amount of healing energy and works on emotional, mental and karmic healing in the receiver. There is one attunement giving in Level Two.

The teachings discuss the power of work and thought, instructions on three of the Reiki Symbols, Absentee Healing and Mental/Emotional Healing. Opportunity for practice with classmates and long distance volunteers is available. Please allow up to 5 hours for these teachings. Class materials provided by the instructor include notes on information provided in class to be added to the binder received in Reiki Level One. The class fee is $165.00

Candle Majick & Creative Visualization – Manifest your Innermost Desires!

Tuesday September 22nd & 29th. 2 classes@ $25 per. Supplies included.
Taught by Janell Johnson. This class takes a practical approach at how A combination of Candle Majick / Creative Visualization has the ability to help you manifest some of your innermost deep desires in life.

Beyond Psychic Protection – Taught by Barbara Toney

Sunday September 27th 4.30-6.30pm $15.

Are you an empath? Do you feel drained after being around specific people? Are you overwhelmed with emotions that come out of nowhere? Learn to recognize foreign energy and clear it. Release the need for protection. Understand the causes and become impervious to cords, psychic hooks and parasitic energies. Practice strengthening your energy field and manage incoming information and energy.

Barbara Toney is a clairsentient energy healer, teacher, light worker and empath. She is guided by spirit to use emotions and intuitive body scanning to identify and assist her clients to release blocks, limiting beliefs, physical and emotional pain, cords and hooks, past life issues and soul contracts.

Year of the Sheep, Chinese Astrology – Year 4713 – a new article in The Grail, by Dikki-Jo Mullen.