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Palmistry – Discover The Secrets Held in Your Hands, with Dikki-Jo Mullen.

Saturday, April 2, 2016, 4-6PM. $20, includes keepsake study guides.

The human hand, in its various shapes and sizes, offers rich and accurate insights into the destinies and aptitudes of each of us. With all of the billions of people in the world, no two hands are the same. Yet, as choices are made and life unfolds, the hands will change to reflect an individual’s growth and experiences. This class will explore how to interpret the life, fate, children, love, intellect, marriage, travel and other important lines, as well as the mounds (raised areas), the meanings of the various shapes and sizes of the hands and fingers and more.

Reiki I, taught by Lisa Toney.

Saturday April 16th $165 12-5pm.

Reiki is a system that utilizes the application and direction of energy for healing either above the body or by the laying on of hands. It is the activating of energy, breath, and vital essence. While everything that has life has energy, Reiki connects you to its limitless source.

Reiki Level One Teaching and Attunement:

The Level One Attunement opens and aligns what is already a part of you. It provides a greater ability to channel more Ki energy increasing the life force of the receiver. The attunement itself heals physical level dis-eases. Reiki I healing sessions are primarily for self-healing. The Reiki I healer can also facilitate healing energy for someone else who is physically present. In Level One there up to are four attunements given.

The teachings discuss the history of Reiki, practical application, subtle body structures, the basic chakra system, the five principles of Reiki and hand positions for healing self & others. Opportunity for practice with classmates and volunteers is available. Please allow up to 5 hrs for these teachings. Class materials provided by the instructor include binder with handouts for home practice and notes on information provided in class as well as a copy of the book The Essential Reiki by Diane Stein. The class fee is $165.00

Sign up for Reiki 2 at the same time and pay $290 combined price. save $40!!
Reiki 2 Saturday May 14th
Reiki 3 Saturday June 11th