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Our Home – Avalon


TODAY: Spiritual Herbalism Series..

In this series we will be leaning how to use herbs for magic and spiritual expansion. Each class focuses on herbs historically used for spiritual purposes but we will also make something in each class so that you can take it home and use it right away! At Avalon: 4-6pm Cost: \.00

Herbs for Prosperity – In this class we will talk about herbs for prosperity and how to integrate them into your life. We will be making some money oil that you can take home. November 15 4-6pm

Calling all Arts and Crafts People! Join us for the Hippy Holidays Sale & showcase your creations. Please Email with images/links of your handmade spiritual merchandise. Vendors 11-5pm \ table fee.

Crystal Magick – with Adeline Rivera

Six week class ongoing, Wednesdays 7-9pm through November 4th. \ per class.

Each class will focus on a different purpose of crystals.
Learn how to use Crystals to heal, ground, energize and insipire! Find out which stones work well together; create a crystal grid; sacred Geometry.

October 28th – Purification
November 4th – The Chakras